MHS's School Chaplain

Hi my name is Stuart Brownscombe.  I am here at the school to support the students and staff through my role as chaplain.



I do this by being available to talk at any time about any issue affecting students or their families. I am available to chat with any students or parents at anytime.  When needed I will help link students and families into appropriate support services.  I am happy to pray with or for people if you wish.  We are available to answer questions of faith if you have any.

Stu is funded by the National School Chaplaincy and Welfare Program (NSCSWP) to be at the school on Mondays & Tuesdays.  He is also funded by local churches and local community members to be at the school on Wednesdays. The P & C also contributes towards maintaining this support service for students and families in the school.

You can contact Stu at any time. 

Stuart: mobile 0405 041 339 or by email