News  » Ex-Muirfield student Tom Burton wins GOLD at Rio!

Last updated 10:36 AM on 26 August 2016

We are all very proud of our ex-student, Tom Burton, who won gold at the Rio Olympics in the Men's Laser sailing. Not only is this Muirfield High School's first ever Olympic champion, but Tom's achievement has meant he has won Australia's first sailing Olympic gold medal.


Watching the race on TV, I never realised how tactical the race was; I always thought it was first past the post. How naïve of me! It was a thrilling race to watch. All of us are proud and happy for both Tom and his mother, Lynne Burton. Lynne is a very much loved teacher of Muirfield who has taken time off to enjoy this time with her family in Rio. There have been big sacrifices that both Tom and his family have made over the years in supporting Tom in achieving his goals. It is wonderful that all his hard work, and that of his family, has all come to fruition in these Olympics. Congratulations Tom!