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Last updated 12:25 PM on 19 June 2017
Winning team with cheque. 

Muirfield came second in a Sydney Water ad making competition, winning over $7500 dollars' worth of goods and cash. Ms Cole entered 7B English class in the Sydney Water Brand Without a Bottle competition; students created a storyboard for an ad campaign promoting the drinking of tap water instead of bottled water. One storyboard was successful in being shortlisted to turn into a real ad, filmed by a professional film crew. Brendan and Thomas, the authors of the winning storyboard, starred in the ad as Timmy and George, with Rhiannah providing voice over and 7B students as extras. The public voted for their favourite ads out of the 6 different finalists. Timmy and George (also known as Brendan and Thomas) came second!

Thank you to Ms Cole for her work enabling this opportunity. All students will benefit with a new water bottle refill station which will be installed soon.