Year 7 Enrolment

Year 7 Enrolment Procedures

Information on how to enrol into Year 7 for the commencement of 2017 can be found here:


Year 7 Enrichment Class Applications

Muirfield High School has a high achievers' class in Year 7. The Enrichment class caters for students who are talented in literacy and numeracy, who process information and new concepts quickly or who are academic high achievers.

Applications for the Enrichment Class should be submitted to Muirfield High School's front office by 5 April 2017 using the application form found here. Details of supporting documentation are found on the application form.

Enrichment Class Application (pdf 564 KB)

Band Scholarship

Muirfield High School has an extensive band program. Our Band Director, Mr Steve Lavis, works closely with our Head Teacher Creative and Performing Arts, Ms Shelley Frame, and passionate parents to ensure successful bands and ensembles for all levels of musicians.

Applications are invited for the Band Scholarship for a student in Year 7 2018. The scholarship will cover four years of band tuition which provides for weekly band instruction and one year of small group tuition. Costs associated with one band eisteddfod entry each year will also be covered by the scholarship. The successful recipient will be required to audition. Parents of applicants will be contacted if their child is shortlisted for audition. Auditions will be held at Muirfield and may be held at some primary schools.

Band Scholarship Application (pdf 514 KB)