Uniform Shop

The members of the Uniform Shop Committee welcome all students and their families to Muirfield High School. We trust that your association with the school is a happy and rewarding experience.

The Muirfield uniform is popular with the students, who are proud to wear it both at school and as representatives of Muirfield High in the wider community. We urge you and your child to support Muirfield's uniform policy.

The Uniform Committee is a sub-committee of the P&C, meeting monthly on the first Monday at 7:00pm. We work closely with the Principal and School Executive to continue to make improvements to the quality of the service we offer to the school community.

Our aim is to provide you with quality clothing at reasonable prices, and it is only through parents' support that we are able to continue to do this. ALL uniform requirements for students are available only at the Uniform Shop.

In the school's newsletter, "Muirfield Matters", we regularly publish updates and information regarding special offers. Please take time to keep up-to-date with uniform matters.




Monday & Thursday - 12:30pm—1:30pm

1st Monday of each month (excluding holidays) from 5.30 – 7pm



To contact the Manager or the Uniform Committee,
please ring the school
during office hours:
on 9872-2244


Uniform Price List (pdf 279 KB)