Are you in Year 9? Would you like to do a TAFE course one day a week next year and have it count towards your RoSA?

The courses you can choose from are below:

Hospitality Café Skills at Meadowbank on Thursdays

Fashion Design at Hornsby on Thursdays

Timber at Hornsby on Thursdays

Retail baking at Nepean on Thursdays

Automotive at Mount Druitt on Fridays

Hair and Beauty (Make up) at Mount Druitt

                             (Salon Assistant) at Nepean

You must be 15 at the start of the course. To apply fill in the EOI below:






If you are interested in choosing a subject at TAFE as one of your subjects for Year 11 read the information below and then fill in the application form for TVET at TAFE AND the EOI for school

TVET book

Northern Sydney TVET courses are below:

TVET guide (pdf 2598 KB)

Course list (pdf 182 KB)

Western Sydney TAFE (including The Hills TAFE ) courses are below:

Western Syd TAFE courses (pdf 756 KB)

If you are choosing to do a new TAFE course for the first time in Year 11 or 12 you will need to fill out an application form for the school. The school wants to know why you want to do the TAFE course and how you will get to and from the TAFE.  

See below:

School TAFE application (pdf 68 KB)

TVET application 2018 (pdf 212 KB)