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Work experience gives you the opportunity to try out a career you are thinking about doing when you finish your education.  You will be able to observe and  help your supervisor with jobs during the week. You will not be expected to have any experience.


Work experience is compulsory for ALL Year 10 students. 

 The week of work experience in 2018 is 10-14 December


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These documents contain information for students, parents and employers 

This is a document that needs to be completed BEFORE you start your work experience



Student Placement Record (pdf 316 KB)


This is information to give to your work experience employer

Employer Guide 2017 (pdf 1143 KB)        Emplyer guide


Additional info employers17 (pdf 170 KB)

This is information for parents/guardians

parent guide


Parent Guide 2017 (pdf 1049 KB)

Additional info parents17 (pdf 1106 KB)

There are some activities considered at risk or prohibited by the Education Department for work experience

Prohibited activities for w (doc 85 KB)

The Defence forces offer a number of areas for work experience

Defence Work Experience

Defence forces


engineering work experience


Application form Engineerin (pdf 401 KB)



Thought about doing work experience with the Fire Brigade?


fire brifade


For more information see here:

fire NSW Work Experience